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<p>Aircraft Owners and Operators</p>
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Aircraft Owners and Operators

As an Aircraft Owner and Operator, your first concern is safety for those who fly on your aircraft. Your second concern is spending money wisely and getting the most out of your maintenance budget. For the first time maintenance providers can openly compete for your business.

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<p>Aircraft Maintenance Providers</p>
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Aircraft Maintenance Providers

As an Aircraft Maintenance Provider one of your primary concerns is maximizing your advertising dollar. There are many forms of advertising media that offer little more than a spot on a printed page or a corner in a web site.

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MXQuotes is pleased to announce our no cost enrollment for members. Now maintenance providers can join and provide maintenance quotes to owners / operators looking for their services at no cost for the first user. Maintenance providers with multiple locations and users can also sign up additional sales staff for a small fee. Maintenance providers who take advantage of this special offer will have an opportunity to advertise on this site for an additional cost. Our banner ads are linked to your web site to ensure the customer has direct access to your company information. Please contact our sales team at sales@mxquotes.com for pricing and additional information about this special offer (Certain restrictions may apply).

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Welcome to MXQuotes

MXQuotes is a revolutionary new way to bring aircraft owners and operators together with aircraft maintenance providers. For the first time aircraft owners and operators can gather provider information as well as quotations directly from their computer using the power of the internet. MXQuotes was conceived by aviation professionals who realized the potential cost savings to the aircraft owners and operators via a market place where the maintenance providers could openly compete for their business. Obtaining quotes through multiple telephone conversations can be a time consuming and frustrating task leading many operators to limit the providers they contact. By doing business this way the owners and operators may forego substantial cost savings which can only be realized through true open market competition for their business. The United States government as well as many state and local municipalities have been conducting business this way for many years and the cost savings has been dramatic not to mention the increased productivity of the buyers. Best of all there is no cost to sign up.

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